Monday, February 15, 2010

Fair Isle DeathFlake

Im so loving stranded colorwork and this cool hat is a must have for the men in my life. JC models
the cherry red and steel gray version. I have lots of cool color palettes from Knitpicks.  I can see my daughter Chloe in maybe a Chartruese, orange and light turquoise version. I also knitted up a Mink Brown and Saffron Yellow version as well. I am obsessed with colorwork and I am now knitting up the Owlie Owl Cowlie found on ETSY  in  Heathered Cocoa, Bridesmaid Seafoam Blue and  Heathered Green Tea. Its so cute! pics soon.

1 comment:

landlocked bride said...

The owlie cowl looks adorable! Cannot wait to see how yours turns out.

Love your creatively awesome niece :)