Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lilly's red Doeling

Lilly was sold to my friend Carol . The day Moxy and Q-tip Kidded Lilly did the same. Here is her super nice red doeling . I feel fortunate that my Buck Sam threw so much color. These are his first kids and he did an awesome job. Sam is a white buck with small indiscriminate patches of black. He has red, black, cream and tan in his background. This little girl was named Megan, then we have Cloudy who is a Red and White Pinto and then Milagra. Im still unsure if Milagra is Sams kid. There is a possiblity that she might be part Nigerian so I have to wait and see as she matures. Mia ( Milagra) is solid black. All of these kids have the softest fleece and Cloudy and Megan have super curls.
I cant wait to shear in the fall and spin up their awesome locks.

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