Monday, March 2, 2009

Mila and Cloudy

Milagra is so black its really hard to see her. I have never seen a goat so black. She is blue/black. Her face is so black... her nose and eyes are almost invisible against the blackness of herself. Its quite something to see in person. The pics do not do her justice. I believe Mila is the daughter of Huckleberry our prized nigie who now lives at Prairiewood ranch. That would make her a Nygora. Cloudy is from our Angora buck Sam. Cloudy is not white. I may need a few days to see how she looks. She has a reddish cast and a light brown or tan head.
This has been a day I will never forget. Finding tiny Milagra in a frozen heap in the corner and her amazing spring to life. I have never seen anything quite like it and then the birth of Cloudy hours later. This day has filled me with such Hope.

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